Sean Smith

Research/Communications Fellow

Conflict Research, Media, Theology

Sean Smith is a Research, Communications and Technology Fellow at ARTIS Research & Risk Modeling. ARTIS engages in interdisciplinary scientific field research and consulting on conflict, energy, and cyber warfare on five continents with various government agencies, universities, non-profits and private sector clients.

Sean’s interests include conflict research, communicating that research through non-traditional media mediums, the relationship of theology and media and the role of theology on the human condition, including its application in conflict.

Sean is currently engaged in two related projects: 1) In a collaboration between ARTIS, the University of Oxford and the World Federation of Scientists, he is working to understand the theological motivations of nuclear ambition in the Middle East; and 2) under the leadership of The Lord Alderdice, he is working to understand theological innovation and media application after the end of conflict in Northern Ireland.

In addition to his capacity at ARTIS, Sean has applied his theology and media skills in leadership positions in Christian churches in Arizona and California. Currently, he leads the Creative Arts Department at Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, Arizona. In this capacity, he oversees the production, media, and communications for the weekly services that exceed 4,000 in attendance. He also has an appointment as an adjunct faculty member at Arizona Christian University.

Sean has served as an advisor and consultant for several start-up businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and political campaigns.
In collaboration with NGOs, he has worked to support development efforts in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, including efforts to provide clean drinking water, food, shelter and worship centers. In the weeks following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he led humanitarian missions to deliver relief supplies to displaced persons.

Sean holds an M.A. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a B.A. from Hope International University.