Artis Interships

ARTIS Research & Risk Modeling offers a competitive internship program for students across the United States.  Selected interns are offered a four month internship that will include involvement in projects related to political violence, decision making, energy, terrorism, resource conflict, cyber-warfare or other emerging areas of study.  Successful “four-month interns” may be selected to participate in the ARTIS “Year Internship” where additional research opportunities exist.  Some interns may be asked to travel with senior researchers or to become research assistants on specific projects with ARTIS.  Successful ARTIS interns are well positioned to enter top university programs or the related job market.  To apply, please send a letter of interest and resume to [email protected].

Meet the ARTIS Interns!

Charlie Rogan – University of Leeds (UK)
Charlie is an undergraduate student, majoring in International Relations, at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom entering his senior year.  His research focus is on the citizen-state relationship under authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and the threat of non-state ideologically motivated actors – specifically those predicated upon a radical Islamic ideology. Charlie grew up in the United Kingdom before relocating to Florida for high school. After graduating he spent six months travelling through Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia. This experience gave him a greater appreciation for the variety of cultures and ideologies which exist across the international system and the inherent tension this creates in international relations.  He is currently considering applying to graduate school in the United States or applying for Officer Candidate School for the United States Marines.

Ryan Pereira – University of Florida
Ryan received his B.A. from the University of Florida. His Undergraduate Thesis examined the relationship between the highest level of discrimination experienced by any of the major ethnic groups within a state and the number of successful attacks terrorist incidents conducted within that state for the corresponding year. His thesis used social movement theory to explain how intense ethnic discrimination creates opportunities for terrorist groups to use ethnicity as a basis for the formation of groups’ collective identities and perceived injustices experienced by societal sub-groups to construct resonant motivational frames for recruits. Ryan also took three years of Modern Standard Arabic language courses, studied the various Arab Spring movements and Boko Haram, a terrorist group in Nigeria, and has done research for U.F.’s Honors Program on Al Qaeda and its affiliates’ collective identities and the group’s organizational evolution post-9/11.

As an intern with ARTIS, he will be analyzing Middle Eastern leaders’ statements and motivations in response to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. This research will inform U.S. policymakers about how leaders in states like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt interpret the costs and benefits of developing their own nuclear weapons programs.

Past ARTIS Interns


Jacqueline Lacy –  Boston University


Andrew Abbott – Arizona State University

Hallie Liu – Ohio State University

Heather Ulich – Arizona State University