Devoted Actor ℠ Research & Services

Devoted ActorSM Research

Artis researchers have discovered a natural phenomenon, occurring in both individuals and societies, whereby actions are driven primarily by sacred values and are not predictable by standard utilitarian analysis. This research was originally conducted by a group of specialists at Artis to better understand the circumstances in which people are willing to sacrifice their time, treasure and lives for a group or a cause. Artis has developed Devoted ActorSM Research and Risk Modeling in order to analyze and predict the phenomenon’s impact on people and cultures.

Devoted ActorSM Energy and International Business Consulting

Some of the most unstable regions of the world are also the places in which there is opportunity for business development and trade. When negotiating with business partners or national leaders, something as ordinary as the offer of money in exchange for land can result in offense and put the deal at risk. Devoted ActorSM business consulting was created to help companies accomplish their objectives and reduce the risk of conflict.
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Devoted ActorSM Policy and Security Services

An invaluable tool for those who are entrusted with national security is the ability to understand and predict the likelihood of and reasons for acts of political violence. The motivations and purposes of particular radical groups are often opaque to those who most need the information in order to promote peace and save lives. Artis provides these decision makers with policy and security briefings that enable them to make informed choices. Equipped with this knowledge and with Artis senior fellows at hand, policy makers can confidently work towards reducing radicalism and political violence.
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