Cyber Crime Research

Cyber crime is developing as the next realm for conflict. In pursuing cyber crime research, ARTIS seeks to better understand motivations, mechanics, and issues such as insider threat, as well as to develop an intimate familiarity with the workings of cyber-based conflict. There is, as always, both a human element and a rational aspect to be considered in regards to cyber crime. What is unique to this area is that nearly everyone has access to the cyber world, but although we are globally connected, no single entity can claim control. Another problem that arises with cyber attacks is the difficulty of attribution. It is often impossible to identify with certainty the source behind an attack.

The effects of the relationship between the cyber world and all other spheres of life remains poorly studied, and ARTIS also seeks to contribute to this understanding.  Specifically we have begun to focus on occurrences such as information attacks, and cyber-isolated events beyond the advent of conflict in the physical arena that has been facilitated through cyber-interactions.