Morir y matar por un grupo o unos valores – por Ángel Gómez y colaboradores

Ángel Gómez, Lucía López-Rodríguez, Alexandra Vázquez, Borja Paredes y Mercedes Martínez. 3 febrero 2016. Morir y matar por un grupo o unos valores. Estrategias para […Read More

État islamique: l’illusion du sublime by Scott Atran

Atran, S.  (Nov/Dec 2014). État islamique: l’illusion du sublime.  Cerveau & Psycho.  p. 50-Read More

President of ARTIS (Europe) awarded 2015 Liberal International Prize for Freedom

At their recent Congress in Rotterdam, Liberal International, the world-wide family of more than 120 liberal political parties voted to award the 2015 Prize for […Read More

Dix Ans Après, L’empreinte du 11-Septembre by: Marie Boeton

“Dix Ans Après, L’empreinte du 11-Septembre,” LA CROIX, 9 Oct. 2011 by M BoetenRead More

11-Septembre: “La menace est plus générale” by: Scott Atran

“11-Septembre: “La menace est plus générale,” EUROPE 1, 10 Sep. 2011, Interview with Scott AtranRead More

Andrew Wilson

  Policy Fellow Law – ARTIS & UK House of Lords Andrew Wilson was appointed a Policy Fellow at ARTIS Research in July 2011. His […Read More

John, Lord Alderdice

Senior Fellow Co-Chair, Cyber Behavior and Defense Institute Psychology & Policy As Leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, Lord Alderdice played a significant […Read More

On the psychology of religious fundamentalism – by Lord John Alderdice

‘On the Psychology of Religious Fundamentalism’ in RELIGION AND PSYCHIATRY – BEYOND BOUNDARIES’ (World Psychiatric Association), 2010, by Lord John AlderdiceRead More

Off the couch and round the conference table – by Lord John Alderdice

“Off the couch and round the conference table” OFF THE COUCH – CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOANALYTIC APPLICATIONS (ROUTLEDGE), 2010, by J, Lord AlderdiceRead More