Ángel Gómez

Senior Fellow

Ángel Gómez is an Associate Professor of Social Psychology, and the director of the Research group “Social psychology of inter and intragroup relations. Strategies for improvement” at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED, Madrid, Spain, where he received his PhD in 1998.

Together with Prof. William B. Swann Jr., he is one of the initiators of Identity fusion research, a visceral connection of an individual with a group that predicts pro-group behavior, as willingness to fight and die for the group and self-sacrifice. He is currently exploring the causes of identity fusion together with Profs. Swann and Harvey Whitehouse awarded but the John Templeton Foundation, University of Oxford.

He also continuously collaborate with international experts on strategies for improving intergroup relations and reducing intergroup conflicts and violence, as John, F. Dovidio, Linda, R. Tropp, Miles Hewstone, Ana Eller, Dominic Abrams, and Alexandra Vázquez, applying strategies as direct and extended intergroup contact, recategorization, and verification of ingroup identities.