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ARTIS is a scientific research group dedicated to improving understanding of collective political and cultural violence, risk assessment, and modeling through field based research. At ARTIS, we believe that multidisciplinary field research is an essential ingredient to scientific research on human cognition and behavior.
Consequently we join together top scientists, universities and research institutions with policy makers and experts so that multidisciplinary field research can better enhance scientific understanding of social movements, political and cultural violence, cyber crimes and technology, and energy issues.
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The Lord John Alderdice
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Scott Atran
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Scott Atran: l’homme qui a compris les terroristes.  France Culture, 18 January 2016. Guillaume Erner reçoit Scott Atran, anthropologue américain, directeur de Recherche au CNRS, professeur Adjoint de Psychologie, d’Anthropologie et de Ressources Naturelles à l’Université de Michigan.

Global news and analysis presented by Mark Mardell, on The World This Weekend.  Listen at the 21 minute mark to hear his fascinating interview about ISIS as a revolution with Scott Atran, a research fellow who has interviewed many terrorist sympathizers who believes we are underestimating the strength of this movement – we have “miles and miles of grief to go.” (News segment right before was about anniversary of Charlie Hedbo attack.)

(December 31, 2015). Asking what God would really want really does seem to curb prejudice.  The Economist.

Ginges, J., Sheikh, H., Atran, S., Argo, N. (28 Dec 2015).  Thinking from God’s perspective decreases biased valuation of the life of a nonbeliever.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Vendantam, S.  (16 Dec 2015).  Interview with Scott Atran.  The Psychology of Radicalization: How Terrorist Groups Attract Young Followers.  The Hidden Brain – NPR.

Reinier, R. (16 Dec 2015). Interview with Nafees Hamid.  La principale ressource de Daech, ce sont ses combattants. AlterEcoPlus.

Atran, S. (15 Dec 2015). ISIS is a revolution.  AEON.

Dornschneider, S. (2015). Whether to Kill: The Cognitive Maps of Violent and Nonviolent Individuals. University of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia.

We are pleased to announce the Penn Press book release of Whether to Kill: The Cognitive Maps of Violent and Nonviolent Individuals by Stephanie Dornschneider, Young Investigator at Artis.

El antropólogo del ISLuis Quevado interviews Scott Atran about the Islamic State for El Mundo, November 30, 2015.