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ARTIS is a scientific research group dedicated to improving understanding of collective political and cultural violence, risk assessment, and modeling through field based research. At ARTIS, we believe that multidisciplinary field research is an essential ingredient to scientific research on human cognition and behavior.
Consequently we join together top scientists, universities and research institutions with policy makers and experts so that multidisciplinary field research can better enhance scientific understanding of social movements, political and cultural violence, cyber crimes and technology, and energy issues.
Richard Davis  
Richard Davis
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Scott Atran
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The Lord John Alderdice
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Lydia Wilson
Research Fellow

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Artis researchers, senior research fellows Scott Atran and Arie Kruglanski, along with research fellow Nafees Hamid, are featured in  Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (Season 7, Episode 1) titled “What Makes a Terrorist?”.

Scott Atran. (28 July 2016).  Tackling social ills will do more than bombs to defeat ISIS and its gospel of hate.  The Guardian.

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Bruce Bower.  23 June 2016.  New studies explore why ordinary people turn terrorist.  ScienceNews.

Geraldine Doogue interviews Artis Fellow Nafees Hamid to understand how extremists are likely to be radicalised.

Doogue, Geraldine. 17 June 2016. The social network: predicting extremism. Saturday Extra. Australian National Radio.

Scott Malcomson. 16 June 2016.  Getting to Know the Enemy: Scott Atran’s Frontline Science.  International Peace & Security Programs – Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Voice of a Frontline Researcher & Anthropologist – Scott Atran.  May 13, 2016.  On Violent Extremism.  CSIS Podcast.

For this session, Shannon N. Green sits down with anthropologist and frontline researcher Scott Atran. During the conversation, Scott shares his unique insight into what binds extremists together, the appeal of extremism, and what it will take to effectively counter violent extremist organizations.